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Our expert instructors and community partners work with children in their specialty areas to complete projects which increases students' since of accomplishment and self esteem.  Hands-on vocational classes reinforce academic learning, provide therapeutic outlets and work experiences.  Building personal relationships with students increases the likelihood of community partners hiring students to work within their organizations.  



Culinary Arts 

Acclaimed chef of CANVAS teaches proper preparation of healthy meals as a means to improving mental and physical health.  Students learn to prepare, cook, plate and serve food.  The social skills and etiquette associated with food service will enable students to cook for themselves and/or pursue schooling or employment in the Culinary Arts field. Earn your Safe Serve Certification with CANVAS.


Fashion/Interior Design

At CANVAS students become aware of the connection between their personal sense of style, how they fashion their surroundings and possible employment/post secondary schooling options. The expert teachers of CANVAS will teach life-skills like sewing and basic home repairs/decorating that will increase the students ability to be self sufficient at home and at work. Earn your Fashion/Interior Design Skills Training Certication with CANVAS.

Digital Arts/ Animation and Media Marketing 
CANVAS Philadelphia is fully aware of the impact that technology is having on the world.  Classes will teach students about basic computer skills. This will lead to digital arts/website and media design skills that students can use to market themselves for employment, create websites for others or promote an event or service they offer.  Earn your Computer Skills Training Certification with CANVAS.
Introduction to Construction/Home Renovation
The construction field is one that allows employees to earn a competitive salary with a few months of training.  Students in the Introduction to Construction/Home Renovation class will learn worksite safety and proper use of tools.  Through project based learning, students will explore a variety of specialty areas including plumbing, electricity, carpentry, painting, and more.  With this knowledge, students will be able to do minor home repairs and/or use their learned skills as a foundation on which they can build a career in the construction industry.


It has been scientifically proven that drawing/painting/photography can provide a therapuetic outlet leading to improved grades, social skills and lead to employment opportunities.  Whether students want to add a productive passtime to their schedules, prepare a portfolio for an art college, or make personalized graduation party invites our instructors give the basic skills and resources they need to be successful.

Clay and Pottery

Working with pottery can improve motor skills, teach soft touch and provide a calming outlet for students.  By using a step by step approach to project based learning students will create beautiful and useful works of art that they  can share with classmates, friends and family.  Instructors encourage experimentation and creativity while exposing children to the cultural/historic role of ceramic art in society.  

Music Therapy/Instrumentation


The music education class focuses on activities in which students conceptualize through experiencing the elements of music (e.g., melody, rhythm, form, tone, and color), the styles of music, and uses of music in society. In addition, by relating music elements to other art media, the students learn to integrate and synthesize concepts that are common to all the arts and employment. Earn your Music Instrumentaion Skills Training Cert with CANVAS.

Drivers Education

 The instructors at CANVAS drivers education course are committed to teaching students how to be the safest drivers possible. All our instructors complete all state requirements ensuring that students will be receiving the most up-to-date techniques, information and safe driving standards. Our students are taught the dangers of the road, the dangers in the car, how to avoid distractions, the latest driving laws, and the key components of safe driving. As needed students receive modified instruction/Testing.  Earn your drivers permit with canvas.
Home Health Aide
The home health aide field has become one of the most popular career paths in the healthcare field today. Job opportunities waiting and could include paid opportunities to help family and friends.  Once you get quality home health aide training in Philadelphia, you can be a part of this ever-growing medical career field.  CANVAS will offer courses/certification for home health aide, which are modified to accommodate students specific needs. Earn your HHA Certification with CANVAS.


Introduction to Landscaping
CANVAS Philadelphia and other commercial and residential properties are emerging throughout the city and are in need of the next generation of landscapers to design, create, and maintain their green spaces.  This course is designed to increase the skill level of those students who cut grass at their home, wish to start a local landscaping business for extra cash, or wish to use the knowledge of proper technique, safety and customer service to pursue a career in landscape architecture. 
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